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MS Excel - Small Jobs

Very often clients don't have big projects they need doing. However, they do have issues with existing Excel files that they need help with or small issues they need solutions for.

These include things like the following:

  • Data management - Where data has become confused and needs to be reorganised and or cleaned.
  • Formulas have gone missing or don't work.
  • Need help designing formulas to calculate, filter or report data.
  • Need a small macro to acomplish a specific function on your data.
  • Create basic pivot tables or charts on your data.
  • Create look-up lists, both static (fixed list) and dynamic (can be added to).
  • Various other small jobs.

MS Access - Small Jobs

Sometimes all you need is to have minor amendments made to an existing Access database. These can include things like the following:

  • Adding new fields to a table and corresponding controls to a form.
  • Adding new report(s) based on existing data.
  • Changing the layout of a form to make it more user friendly.

These jobs are often very straight forward and only involve an hour or two of work. However, sometimes they can be more complicated than the client believes. We will advise the client in advance of completing any work if we believe the job to be more than the client expects.

This work is charged out at an hourly rate. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour with blocks of 30 mins added thereafter. See our Pricing page for our current hourly rates.

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