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Design and support for your MS Excel and Access requirements

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MS Excel Development

Do you need an Excel solution? Our goal is to provide user friendly applications / models to make your life easier.

  • Office Automation - Are you fed up with multiple workbook connections leading to broken links ? Do you need to obtain data from multiple sources and analyse it ? We can create a solution using Office Automation which will retrieve data from various sources including other workbooks and populate that data in a format that works for you.
  • Reporting Applications - We can create an application that reports your data in a format that meets your requirements.
  • Generate Quotations - We can design an application that will use your unique conditions, specifications, suppliers and other metrics to generate a quotation that meets your companies needs.
  • KPI management - Most larger production/manufacuring organisations have a requirement to track and manage KPI metrics. We can design a solution specific to your requirements.
  • Financial / Budgeting - Whether for setting Budget Projections, tracking Fund Management or other financial requirements. We can design a financial model to suit your needs.
  • Other data requirements - MS Excel is the most commonly used tool for companies in many area of their operations. We can work with you to create and / or improve your models and applications to help your run your business better.
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